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What we do...

The Scenic Route is dedicated to building diverse projects and creating fresh opportunities to support a wide range of new theatre makers in their work. Similarly, we create and develop bold new works with established artists.

The Scenic Route came into existence to initiate new forums for theatre makers to have their work seen and supported, and to open the doors for further development and collaboration.


We are particularly interested in 'meeting' work at its earliest stages of conception, as well as working with exciting artists at the start of their careers, or when struggling to gain momentum (may we be as bold as to say; before they become 'emerging')


Ensuring we champion and make theatre that remains engaging, brave, relevant and deserving of an audience, whilst championing the artists' professional growth, is at the heart of all we do.

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"The Scenic Route provides real opportunities for production and their commitment to the future of the art form [in this case new musical theatre writing] is admirable."

Tom Atkins, www.chrisgrady.org