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As part of our ongoing commitment

to new musical theatre writing,

The Scenic Route aims to provide opportunities for new works - at various stages of development - to be showcased and celebrated through our cabarets.

"The Sneak Preview cabarets are brilliant, entertaining occasions for musical theatre composers like me to come out of the closet and give their songs an airing infront of a lively, friendly audience. It's a simple but highly effective formula and is very slickly run by the very likeable Scenic Route crew. Thanks indeed!"




"We performed extracts from HERE in Scenic Route's Sneak Preview cabaret - the first ever public outing for our musical. The evening was hugely valuable for us. A warm, welcoming audience, and excellent, insightful feedback from the brilliant Chris Grady and Jason Carr, both of whom we have kept in touch with since, and producer Chris has become an important mentor for us over the years of development on our piece.

Tammy and all at Scenic Route have been lovely supporters of HERE ever since. Their cabaret evening gave us the confidence to continue boldly working on HERE, which is now in its final development stage, so it was an extremely significant experience for us. An absolute pleasure, thank you."






Tim Thomas

"Sneak Preview is a fantastic opportunity for emerging writers to try out new work in a safe environment and to learn more about the craft of writing musical theatre.

Not only do you get to hear your work in front of an audience but also  receive constructive criticism from established professionals from the field of musical theatre, the likes of Jason Carr and Chris Grady to name but a few.


Tammy has set up a truly unique scenario - and one which I hope will go from strength to strength.      

Marc Folan


"After being featured in three exciting Scenic Route showcases I feel the need to congratulate Tammy, Haf & co on their enterprise and energy. Organisations such as theirs are invaluable to practitioners like myself who benefit enormously from a chance to air new material infront of a committed and interested live audience."


Kate Marlais and Alex Young  

(Winners S & S Award '15)


Read Chris Grady's blog

John Farndon

Tim Connor    

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Kate Marlais and Alex Young    

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Darren Clark  

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Marc Folan  

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Tony Greenlaw  

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Helen Goldwyn  

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Tidtaya Sinutoke    




             An aspect of our programme of development platforms, the 'Sneak Preview' cabarets are  

             scheduled on a regular basis with an open invitation to composers and lyricists to    

             submit new musical theatre work to be included in the line up.


             A panel of industry professionals provide expert advice and feedback on work showcased on            

             the night.                    


             Now in its 8th year, 'Sneak Preview' has become well regarded in its role supporting new          

             musical theatre writers, and we are thrilled to see artists and projects that we met and  

             championed in their very early days now gaining the wider recognition they deserve.





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Photos by Sara Elin

Sneak Preview Cabarets