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Photos by Maya Nogradi

The Shoes


In development


'The Shoes' is a highly original, magical and playful retelling of Grimms’ 'The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces', told through puppetry, music, dance and children at play.

Solely using everyday items caught up in a house move to tell the story, 'The Scenic Route' explores freedom and taking imagination and play with you wherever you go in this enchanting new piece.



Tammy Mendelson


Darren Clark


Michaela Cisarikova

Puppetry Design and Direction

Charlotte Dubery


Bryony Tebbutt


Alejandro Postigo

Bryony Tebbutt

Choreography Mentors

Eleni Edipidi & Bethanie Harrison

(Levantes Dance Theatre)

Puppetry Mentor  

Yvonne Stone

'The Shoes' is a cross-disciplinary show for children aged 3-7 years currently in development with The Scenic Route with the support of The Stockwell Playhouse, Omnibus Clapham and Puppet Centre.


The original R&D on The Shoes brought together puppetry, dance and music to create a piece for touring inspired by Grimms' The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces


In our mission to give new artists significant opportunities to present high quality, professional work, The Scenic Route invited a new choreographer and new puppeteer to collaborate in the creation of this piece. Their work and professional development during the first phase of the R&D were supported by mentors Eleni Edipidi and Bethanie Harrison (Levantes Dance Theatre) and Yvonne Stone.






For more information, or to express interest in receiving the piece when we tour, please contact    

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