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The Scenic Route was created to facilitate new forums for theatre makers to have their work seen and supported, and to open the doors for further development and collaboration.

We build diverse projects and create fresh opportunities to support a wide range of new theatre makers in their work, whilst also creating platforms for nurturing and encouraging the development of bold new works by established artists.


We are particularly interested in 'meeting' work at its earliest stages of conception, as well as working with exciting artists at the start of their careers, or when struggling to gain momentum (i.e before they become 'emerging'!)


Ensuring we champion and make theatre that remains engaging, brave, relevant and deserving of an audience, whilst similarly championing the artists' professional growth, is at the heart of all we do.














Please explore our site to discover the wide range of wonderful artists we have had the pleasure to work with, and upcoming development opportunities and workshops. 

Thank you for visiting!

Tammy Mendelson

(Artistic Director)

"Organisations such as [The Scenic Route] are invaluable to practitioners like myself" 

Tim Thomas, Sneak Preview Cabaret participant

"...I now call myself a writer and performer with more assuredness than before!"

Alissa Cooper, theatre maker, Lab participant

"The evening was hugely valuable for us. A warm, welcoming audience and excellent, insightful feedback....[It] gave us the confidence to continue boldly working on 'Here', was an extremely significant experience..."

Kate Marlais and Alex Young, Sneak Preview participants

"It was phenomenal!"

Sofia Bagge, theatre maker, Lab participant 

'An astonishingly successful short musical' 

Jeremy Kingston, The Times, on 'The Big Ending' 

"....the Lab changed my theatre making process. Collaborating with other creatives was exciting and inspiring..."

Ginni Manning, playwright / theatre maker, Lab participant

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