Creating Theatre Lab

August 27th


September 2nd

Tues 27th August to Sun 1st September
"The Lab was a wonderful opportunity to experiment creatively, make mistakes and learn in a supportive environment. Bringing together different disciplines allowed everyone to explore new options, possibilities and ways of collaborating."  Chloe  Knibbs
"I was looking for a creative burst of fresh input and ideas, and Scenic Route's Theatre Lab was just that. A really busy week full of invention all leading towards a performance that was truly collaborative. 
Great fun!" Jarek Adams

"Although it was only a week the course really opened me up to realising what I am capable of when challenged...I now call myself a writer and performer with more assuredness than before!
... There was a lot of experience and knowledge to
be shared and gained in one room!" Alissa Cooper 

"I was constantly surprised by what we made together as a group... 
It was phenomenal!"  Sofia Bagge
An intensive lab from The Scenic Route with masterclasses in devising, creating text and creating music
Featuring Masterclasses from....
Frantic Assembly
Award-winning international, innovative theatre company
David Eldridge
Playwright. Works include: Beginning, Holy Warriors, The Knot of the Heart, Market Boy, Under the Blue Sky
Darren Clark
Composer. Works include: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Day of the Living, These Trees Are Made of Blood, The Boy and the Mermaid, The Scarecrow's Wedding
Previous masterclasses have been led by

Tangled FeetFrantic Assembly,   

Complicite, Gecko, Jason Carr, Guy Connelly, Leo Geyer,

David Eldridge, and Nicholas McInerny

For performers, theatre makers, playwrights and composers - at any level of experience - with an interest in building a tool kit for devising theatre and finding their voice in a collaborative process

About The Lab

As part of our platform to provide accessible opportunities to nurture new talent, The Scenic Route presents an intensive practical workshop exploring how to create original theatre collaboratively from scratch.

Through a series of masterclasses, practical exercises and rehearsals the group will investigate a range of techniques involved in devising a cross-disciplinary piece which brings together physical theatre, text and music. 

The lab will culminate in a sharing of the work to an invited audience.

This is a rare opportunity to benefit from the combined expertise of respected practitioners, whilst practically applying their shared experience in a working ensemble. 

Participants will take away a wealth of resources to build upon in future work, along with increased skill, confidence and understanding working in this form, plus connections with other artists.

Tuesday 27th August -
Sunday 1st September 2019
10am - 5pm
Lab Venue:

Cockpit Theatre

Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH

(Except Wednesday 28th 10am - 1pm when we will be based at:

Academy Mews Studios

15 Pratt Mews,

London NW1 0AD)

Performance Venue:

(1st Sept)

Rosemary Branch Theatre,

2 Shepperton Road,

London N1 3DT



If you are interested but cannot make all the dates please let us know. At our discretion, and space depending, we may be able to accommodate you


Day 1: 
am: masterclass Frantic Assembly: 'Building Blocks'
pm: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

Day 2: 

am: masterclass David Eldridge: 'Creating Text'
pm: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

Day 3: 
am: masterclass Darren Clark: 'Composition'

pm: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

Day 4:
am: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route 
pm: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

Day 5:

am: Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

pm: Workshop / rehearsal / Independent Process

Day 6:
Workshop / rehearsal with The Scenic Route

Performance (Work-in-Progress Sharing)


(Please note, The Scenic Route reserves the right to alter the timetable and practitioners should it be necessary, but the quality and mix of training would not be compromised) 

To Apply

The lab is open to both experienced and new artists alike - at any life stage - whether coming from a performance perspective, composition / musical direction, or playwriting

(There is no requirement for all participants to perform)

Places are limited to ensure a small group. 

(No formal experience or qualifications are necessary, but we are looking for participants who will work effectively collaboratively, represent a range of the disciplines, and are committed to developing their skills in this area)

Applications will be considered and responded to in the order they are received


(To make the opportunity as accessible as we can, costs have been subsidised by The Scenic Route)

Early bird offer (book by July 5th!)


From July 5th


(25% discount for previous participants)


For more information please contact

The Scenic Route now offers bespoke Creating Theatre Lab Residencies to schools, universities and additional organisations.

Please click HERE for more information