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Why book a Creating Theatre Lab Residency with The Scenic Route?
- The Labs provide a rare opportunity to work hands on with established industry professionals with their own unique creative approaches and a wealth of practical experience
- The Labs are not another opportunity focused solely on acting students, but embrace writing, composing, creating and directing, therefore extending the creative and transferable skill base and experience being encouraged. A residency is therefore of equal value to drama students and a wide range of other students and groups.
- The Labs combine masterclasses in particular skills, with immediate, hands on application, thus consolidating and extending the learning opportunities.
- The ethos of the Labs is to ensure that all participants are listened to, and the stories they want to tell, and the theatre they want to make are supported.
- We aim to support and facilitate opportunities to link groups and institutions with partner organisations / theatres within the Labs as appropriate
- The majority of our Labs are bespoke to ensure we remain flexible and accessible to meet your needs, and to offer appropriate costs for each group's budget. 
- We can work with you to support and facilitate securing funding for a proposed Lab  
- We are not a T.I.E company with a specific approach, but bring freelance artists together to give our participants a broad insight into a range of possible processes
- We are personable and always open to your suggestions!
More questions? Please drop us a line at
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