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Creating Theatre Lab Residencies

Drawing on our professional Creating Theatre Lab model, The Scenic Route additionally offers bespoke Creating Theatre Lab Residencies within educational settings.

The labs are suitable for KS4, KS5 and University Level students providing an opportunity to investigate collaborative theatre making approaches with industry professionals through a programme combining masterclasses, rehearsals and workshops. 

Central to our delivery of this programme - and to providing an honest insight into the process of working theatre makers - these residencies follow the same general practice and format as our professional level labs.

Through a series of masterclasses in devising, playwriting, and composition, plus practical exercises and rehearsals, the group will investigate a range of techniques involved in devising a cross-disciplinary piece.

Each lab will culminate in an informal sharing of the work to an invited audience.

We will work with you to adapt to suitable time frames and audiences, and can also absorb requested topics into the developing piece to extend current learning.

(Please also visit our main Creating Theatre Lab page HERE for further details)

We are thrilled to have wonderful, highly experienced theatre makers, playwrights and composers in our tutor pool to deliver the masterclasses on our Labs.


Please click HERE to view their profiles*

(*Due to the freelance nature of all our tutors' work, we cannot always guarantee a specific masterclass will be available. Masterclass tutors may also be added to the pool at any time)

The Scenic Route believes that creating theatre collaboratively with young people gives freedom to their own creative expression and is a vehicle for challenging, informing, and encouraging dialogue and debate. As such our labs are designed to give a range of students with diverse interests an opportunity to find their own creative voice

The process promotes imagination, communication, and critical thinking, along with both leadership and teamwork - whilst students also develop a deeper understanding of a range of artistic avenues available to theatre artists.

Opportunities for young people to explore playwriting, composition, and the concept of theatremaking itself, are few and far between. We are keen to work with you to give students access to hands on experience that they may never have been exposed to before.

In a context where arts are being continually diluted in schools, the labs provide an adaptable platform whereby cross-curricular learning can be supported, and a wide range of transferable skills are inherently fostered within the collaborative approach.

Why book a Creating Theatre Lab Residency?

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A range of existing labs, with specific masterclass tutors attached, are also currently available to book. Please click the titles below for more information -

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To find out more and to discuss the possibility of bringing a Lab to your students, please drop us a line at

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